est. 2017



Sister Stems began when we got together one fall evening over a glass of wine to talk about our hopes & dreams. Sounds pretty cheesy right? Honestly though, we were just searching for a fun excuse to spend more sister time together. Between our busy lives, 9-5's, and living almost an hour apart, we needed that "something else" that got us together, & out of our element for a change. The goal? Fun & refreshing, but still stimulating. We brainstormed until flowers came to mind - we were always helping friends & family with decor for parties & showers, so we thought, why not make it a real 'thing'? We got on Youtube, subscribed to every flower blog we could find, & offered to do a few free orders for friends & family to get our work out there. And thus, Sister Stems was born! 

As we've gone through various phases, our business has truly bloomed into something incredible & totally unexpected. At first, we started with our concept - "blooms + baskets" - party & small event blooms, and creative gift baskets, filled with locally made artisan products. As time went by, we started to receive inquiries for larger events, baptisms, and even weddings! Before we knew it, we were knee deep in a la carte blooms & basket orders, weekday AND weekend event orders. So after almost a year of saying 'yes' to every opportunity, and investing in private design classes, it was time to simplify, and claim our niche. We had done it all, now it was time to specialize in what we loved most - that's when 'blooms + baskets' changed to 'floral design' and here we are today, bringing client’s dreams to life through wedding floral design!



big sis. design expert. full of big ideaS. wife + dog mom. pinterest addict

favorite flower: garden roses (but my faves change often!)

can't live without: coffee, Chanel mascara & sunshine

what I love most about working with flowers:

There's nothing that brings me more joy & tranquility than working through the process of creating a beautiful floral design. I have always been my own biggest critic - I tended to always internalize the idea that there was always room to be better, to do better - But with flowers, I've gotten out of that mindset. I have found peace in experiencing the fact that the undone, unfinished, organic nature of flowers is what makes a design beautiful. Each bloom, each green, each grass is unique in it's own way & somehow, they all come together in perfect harmony. Flowers are used for almost every phase of life - happy times, sad times, to celebrate, to say I'm sorry, to say I miss you + to show love - I love the joy that they bring to people, and I feel lucky to be able to share in that joy.



little sis. planning queen. voice of reason. world traveler. chocolate lover.

favorite flower: ranunculus

can't live without: french fries, chocolate, vacation days & Marina's frenchie, Lola




Our event team is made up of the greatest ladies around - our nearest & dearest friends. When it comes to wedding prep, there is so much to be done behind the scenes - mock up meetings, processing, design days, delivery, installation, breakdown, and clean up - & no one understands us, sees our vision, or works harder than our besties. They're seriously THE BEST. We trust them with the world, and with our clients because they prove time and time again that there's no one better to have by your side than your extended sisters.

Interested in joining our team? Email us! We’d love to hear from you!